Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy donkey music video song

Happy donkey video song that is full of ass.

iPorn on Mac

Mac offers porn advantages. Think about the donkey porn possibilities.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Donkeys with integrated Mac

Donkeys with computers in Greece Originally uploaded by davesag.

This donkey has Wi-Fi, 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 2MB L2 Cache, 667MHz Frontside Bus and a 1 terabyte in hard drive space. The donkey behind it is carrying a satellite and a generator.

This is a system you can take anywhere as long as the donkey doesn't get stubborn.

Pimp My Donkey

I be wearin ur party clothes

Donkey DesignsOriginally uploaded by Kalabird.

You can't see it in the picture, but this donkey has a 500 watt sound system, chrome rims and a lowrider kit.

Yoda uses a Mac to transfer music to iPod

Yoda's Playlist Originally uploaded by orange_beard.

When he's not using the force, Yoda listens to Snoop Dogg.

Another cat using a Mac

is there a tutorial for this thing?
Originally uploaded by gail on the web.

You never know who is using your Mac when you are not around.

Donkey playing tennis

donkey singles
Originally uploaded by sheeshoo.

The donkeys might bite!

Donkeys in the park, Twyford
Originally uploaded by crosba02.

Don't pet the donkeys. They might bite. Don't pet the donkeys, they might be you. Ok. Don't pet them. They'll bite you.

Donkey carrying packpack

Donkey carrying my packpack
Originally uploaded by Doug Nienhuis.

If there was a Mac in that packback, it would really be narly, dude!


Originally uploaded by t0msk.

You got any grass?

Kitten using Mac

Cici & pb, originally uploaded by Jeremy_K.

If a kitten can use a Mac, anyone can.

Donkey passed out from drinking tequila

This donkey has a little too much to drink. Mas tequila, mas tequila!

Mac OS X Desktop has Mac, Windows and Linux Applications running at once

This is da shiznit on an Intel-based mini Mac.

Two Donkeys. Anes. Esel. Burros.

Gimme some carrots! Please give me some carrots!!

Mr Ed?

, originally uploaded by AI Photography.

Not quite. This is an imposter.

Donkeys - the final frontier

These are the voyagers of the starship Donkey.

Dusty Donkey

Dusty Donkey, originally uploaded by Paris Bueller.

Hee-haw! Lots of donkeys abound!!